Guide to The Archipelago Area Planning Board
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Guide to The Archipelago Area Planning Board

What does the Archipelago Area Planning Board do?

The Archipelago Area Planning Board has jurisdiction over lands within the Township of The Archipelago, the unincorporated Townships of Wallbridge, Brown, Blair, Mowat and Henvey and that portion of Harrison Township that is not in the Township of The Archipelago.  Membership of the Planning Board consists of 8 members, 6 of which are Township of The Archipelago councillors appointed by Council and 2 of whom are Provincial delegates chosen by the Province to represent the unincorporated areas.

The Province has delegated authority under the Planning Act to The Archipelago Area Planning Board (the “Planning Board”) to make decisions on consent applications, requests for approval of plans of subdivision and on condominium developments within the Township of The Archipelago.  The Planning Board has the authority to grant consents only within the unincorporated Townships as identified above.

Under What Conditions is a Consent Required?

A consent is required to:

  • divide land (or sever it) to create a new lot;
  • adjust boundaries of existing land parcels to enlarge or decrease the size of a property (a lot addition);
  • register an easement or right-of-way;
  • register a mortgage or discharge a mortgage over part of a parcel of land;
  • register a lease over part of a parcel of land when the term of the lease is 21 years or more (inclusive of renewal options);

What is a land severance?

A land severance is the authorized separation of a piece of land to form a new lot or a new parcel of land.  This is commonly known as a consent.  Planning Board approval is required to ensure that land severances are considered within an established planning framework, that they do not conflict with overall future planning goals and policies and that consideration can be given to the effect of the severance on the site, the neighbours and on the community as a whole.

The Township of The Archipelago’s Official Plan contains policies and requirements for land severances within the Township.

The Planning Board has adopted a Minimum Standards By-law that establishes minimum lot areas and lot frontages for new lots created within the unincorporated areas under the Planning Board’s jurisdiction.

What is a plan of subdivision?

If several severances are intended in the same area, a plan of subdivision may be more appropriate.  In isolated cases, the Planning Board may consider the appropriateness of creating multiple lots by subdivision rather than by consent.  However, in the Township of The Archipelago, the creation of new lots is likely to proceed by consent as opposed to a plan of subdivision.

How do I apply?

It is strongly recommended that you consult with Planning Department staff prior to the submission of an application.  Contact information can be located on the Township’s website.

consent application form can be downloaded from the Township’s website, printed and completed manually.  For your convenience, the application can also be completed on-line in a fillable PDF format and then printed.  Please note that applicants must submit an original application form containing original signatures where indicated.  In addition, the applicant must complete the Affidavit or Sworn Declaration section of the application form before a Commissioner or other person empowered to take affidavits.

An information sheet accompanies the application form and provides details with respect to the Planning Board, the costs involved and the information and documentation required to be submitted with the application.

How will my application be processed?

Upon receipt of a completed application form, together with all required documentation and the application fee, Planning Department staff will conduct a preliminary review of the application.  A site inspection will be conducted of the subject property following which the Township’s Planner will prepare a planning report.  The report will be provided to the Board members and to the applicant.

The Planner will review the application for consistency with Township policies and the policies of the Provincial Policy Statement.  This review may result in the need for the applicant to engage an environmental consultant to have a more thorough review of the potential impact to the natural heritage features on the property.  The application cannot proceed to the Planning Board for consideration until such time as the environmental review has been completed.

The application will be scheduled to be considered by the Planning Board.  Notice of the Application must be circulated at least 14 days prior to the meeting, to owners of land within an area established by the Planning Board and to other parties as prescribed by Planning Act regulation.

The Planning Board will make a decision to grant or refuse the application.  If granted, the Planning Board will impose such conditions as are necessary for the consent to be granted.  Conditions could include such things as: requiring that the lands be rezoned; that the owner enter into an agreement with the Township; or, parkland dedication or cash in lieu of parkland dedication.

Notice of the Decision will be sent not later than fifteen days from the making of the Decision, to the applicant and to each person who appeared in person or by counsel at the meeting and who filed a written request to be notified of the Decision.  Information included in the Notice of Decision outlines the appeal procedures and identifies the last day for appealing the Planning Board’s Decision to the Ontario Municipal Board.  If no appeal is made by the end of the appeal period, the Decision is final and binding.

What if the Decision is appealed?

A Notice of Appeal to the OMB must be personally delivered or sent to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment.  Appeal forms are available on the Ontario Municipal Board’s website  The appeal must set out the reasons for the objection and must include the OMB’s prescribed appeal fee.  The Secretary-Treasurer will then prepare an appeal package and forward it to the OMB.  The OMB will schedule a hearing and give written notice of the time and date in advance of the hearing.

For further information with respect to appeals, please contact the Planning Department.  Additional information can also be found in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs’ Citizen’s Guide to Land Severances.

What if a rezoning is required as a condition of consent?

If the Planning Board has imposed a condition that the subject lands be rezoned, the owner/applicant must submit an application to amend the Comprehensive Zoning By-law.  The Guide to Zoning By-law Amendments contains further information with respect to this application process.

How long do I have to satisfy the conditions of consent?

Where a consent is granted with conditions, the conditions must be fulfilled within one year of the giving of notice of the Planning Board’s decision, or the consent is deemed to be refused.  When all conditions have been met, the Secretary-Treasurer will issue a Certificate to grant final consent which is then registered at the Land Registry Office.

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