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Planning - Official Plan Review


The Township’s Official Plan was approved in April, 2008. The Ontario Planning Act requires that municipal Official Plans be reviewed every five years. The Township has initiated this 5-year review process.   The goal of the five year review of the Official Plan is to ensure that the updated Official Plan:

  • has regard to the matters of provincial interest, listed in Section 2 of the Planning Act
  • is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement, 2014.
  • contains policies that are current, relevant and meet the needs of the residents and the Municipality.

Draft Documents

Draft Official Plan Amendment No. 61 pdf button(211 kb) , including the following Draft Schedules

Schedule "E" - Township Network of Roads - North Section

Schedule "E" - Township Network of Roads - South Section

Schedule "F" - Environmentally Sensitive Areas - North Section

Schedule "F" - Environmentally Sensitive Areas - South Section

Schedule "G" - Aggregate Resources and Hazards - North Section

Schedule "G" - Aggregate Resources and Hazards - South Section

Official Plan Amendment No. 61 - Draft Policy Comparison Table
pdf button(1.8Mb)


Presentations and Reports

Public Meeting Presentation - August 19, 2016

Proposed Policy Revisions - June 23, 2016

Provincial Planning Implementation - Presentation from August 14, 2015 Special Meeting of Council pdf button(311 kb)

Provincial Planning Implementation - June 3, 2015 Background Reportpdf button(798 kb)

Planner’s Presentation – August 15, 2014 Open House pdf button(711 kb)

Work Plan pdf button(37 kb)


Public Consultation Schedule

PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE - Thursday, August 11, 2016 and STATUTORY PUBLIC MEETING - Friday, August 19, 2016 pdf button(100 kb)

AUGUST 14, 2015 - Special Meeting of Council Concerning 5-Year Official Plan Review pdf button(57 kb)


Background Materials

Official Plan pdf button(6.5 mb)

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Citizen Guide to Land Use Planning Series

Ontario Planning Act

Provincial Policy Statement, 2014

Comprehensive Zoning By-law No. A2000-07, as amended pdf button
(3.4 mb)


Q & A Regarding the Official Plan Update Process

Why is the Township updating its Official Plan?

The Ontario Planning Act requires all municipal Official Plans to be updated every five years. The existing Official Plan was approved in 2008.

What does an update consist of?

The Planning Act requires a 5-year review and update in order that the Official Plan is consistent with Provincial Plans and the Provincial Policy Statement and has regard for matters of Provincial interest.

How will the public be consulted?

The work plan endorsed by Council outlines how the public will be consulted. In summary, the public will be consulted on multiple occasions in the summer of 2014 and in the spring and summer of 2015. The goal of the early stages of consultation (summer 2014) is to collect information regarding issues the public and interested parties feel should be addressed during the review process. The goal for the later stages of consultation (spring/summer 2015) is to provide feedback and gain input on the proposed Official Plan amendments.

What is the approval process?

After the initial input is received from the public and Provincial agencies, the Township’s Planning Committee will work with staff to develop a draft document for public review. A public meeting will be held to garner input with respect to the draft document. Following a public meeting, changes to the document will be made and forwarded to Council. Once adopted by Council, the Official Plan will be forwarded to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for final approval. The Ministry can approve the plan as submitted, or amend the Plan at its discretion to ensure it conforms to Provincial planning policy.

What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the outcome of the Official Plan update?

Once the decision to approve the document is made by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, there will be 20-day appeal period at which time those who requested a copy of the decision or made written or oral comments at a public meeting will be eligible to appeal the decision. The appeal is made to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Contact Information

Township staff is available to meet with residents or interested groups regarding the Official Plan review. An appointment can be scheduled, or comments can be submitted at any time to:

Cale Henderson, MCIP, RPP

705-746-4243 x 305

9 James Street
Parry Sound, ON  P2A 1T4

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