March 9, 2017 Committee of the Whole Minutes
Committee of the Whole - Committee of the Whole Minutes

The Corporation of the Township of The Archipelago
    M I N U T E S    


March 9, 2017

9 James Street, Parry Sound, Ontario


Council Members Present:

Reeve:                   Peter Ketchum


Greg Andrews                 Ward 1
Peter Frost                      Ward 2
Gary French                    Ward 3
Ken Williams                   Ward 3
Bert Liverance                 Ward 4
David Ashley                   Ward 4      
Rick Zanussi                   Ward 4
Grant Walker                   Ward 6

Council Members Absent:  Councillors:             Tom Lundy             Ward 1
                                                                           Ian Mead                Ward 5                                                                           

Staff Present:         

Stephen Kaegi – CAO
Maryann Weaver - Clerk
Joe Villeneuve - Manager of Corporate Services
Cale Henderson - Manager of Development & Environmental Services


1.         CALL TO ORDER

Councillor Ashley called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


            Budget Discussions

Stephen Kaegi reported that the Township did not receive the funding for Skerryvore Road, but the subdivision roads will be completed, and three culverts will be replaced on the main road.

Wendy Hawes provided a summary of the 2017 budget amendments, which indicates a 1% increase in the south and a 2.42% increase in the north. This excludes the OPP levy as it will have its own separate levy. Once the education tax has been received, staff will bring a by-law forward for approval.

            Legal Update

No issues were raised.

            By-law Enforcement

Joe Villeneuve and Gary Joice summarized each of the draft bylaws; open burning, fireworks, noise and parking.

After some discussion around the draft fireworks by-law, the Committee agreed to the proposed draft, but requested that staff ensure a communication about the by-law be sent out to all ratepayers.

The Committee recessed at 2:31p.m. for a 10 minute break.

            Henvey Wind Project Update (discussion)

Joe Villeneuve provided an update, reporting that Henvey Wind Inlet is now receptive to the proposal to integrate fibre optic internet into the proposed power transmission corridor. This news allows the WPS Smart Co. to move forward with a funding application in support of the concept. In addition to the Township’s support of the funding application, the Committee agreed in principal to support WPS Smart as a financial guarantor to the application, as per the funding program requirement.


            Georgian Bay Land Trust - Zoning By-law Amendment Application

Cale Henderson summarized the application, including the request for a $1000.00 donation to recoup the application fees.

Staff was directed to bring a resolution forward to the March Council meeting.

            Public Lands Act Update

Cale Henderson provided an update on the amendments to the Public Lands Act.

            Planning Tariff of Fees

The Committee discussed the proposed updated tariff of fees. The Committee was in agreement will all the changes, except the increase to the application for Official Plan Amendment.

            Building Fees Review

Rob Farrow provided a review of the existing building permit fee schedule, reporting that the Township is on par with the surrounding municipalities and that the existing fee structure remain the same for 2017.  The Committee was in agreement.

            Ontario Parks. Public Notice, Pete’s Place Access Parking Upgrade

The Committee discusses the proposal. Concerns were raised around additional parking and the potential increase of campsites.

Staff was directed to send a letter to Ontario Parks, highlighting the Committee’s concerns and ensure that the Cottage Associations and Friends of the Massasauga were sent a copy of the notice.

4.         PUBLIC WORKS

            Roads General Update

Stephen Kaegi provided general roads updates, including that there will be three critical culverts replaced on Skerryvore Rd. in August, and that the subdivision roads will have all necessary culverts replaced, and will be resurfaced with work taking place between May and July.

            Waste/Recycling General Update

Stephen Kaegi provided general waste updates, including that staff will be speaking to Chantler Barging regarding the impact of the swing bridge and approaching Marina’s about usage if necessary due to closure.

            Facilities General Update

Stephen Kaegi provided general facilities updates, including that staff have begun pricing for the portable office at the shop and that staff are still waiting for the Engineers report on the beams at the PAB Community Centre.

            OGRA Report

Councillor Williams provided a brief report on the OGRA Conference.

5.         DONATIONS

            The Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council

The Committee discussed the request and agreed to a donation in the amount of $1000.00.

Staff was directed to bring a resolution forward to the March Council meeting for approval of the donation, and to invite Eric McIntyre to come speak to Council at a future meeting.

6.         ADJOURNMENT

Meeting adjourned at 4:07 p.m.



_____________________________                   ___________________________

Peter Ketchum, Reeve                                            Maryann Weaver, Clerk


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