In addition to Council sitting as Committee of Whole or as Council, there are many District/Local Boards or Committees that Council elects/appoints council members or staff to or through the exercise of its powers appoints the public to.

Some District/Local Boards have members that are shared by multiple municipalities and most of these organizations levy money from the municipality under legislative authority or make special funding requests.

The main distinction between a Board and a Committee is that a Board can exercise its granted powers, a committee is more of an advisory group that makes reports/recommendations to a Board or a Council. District Boards are created under different pieces of legislation and may have Council appointees on their Boards and as such there may be no control by your local Council. Local Boards can be created by separate legislation or by a single or by a group of municipalities again how it is created will decide how decision making is made. Examples of these are as follows:

Communications  All of Council
 All of Council
 All of Council
Finance and Administration
 All of Council
Human Resources
 All of Council
 Reeve and 2 members of Council
Planning and Building
 All of Council
Property Standards
 All of Council
Public Works
 All of Council
 All of Council
Committee of Adjustment
The Archipelago Area Planning Board

All members of Council, as approved by By-law
1 member of Council from each ward and 2 members from the unincorporated Townships
Holiday Cove Marina
 3 members of Council
Belvedere Heights Home for The Aged Board
1 member of Council if selected from a designated group of municipalities
(McDougall, Archipelago, Carling)
Community Policing Advisory Committee
1 member of Council
District of Parry Sound Social Service Administration Board
as per the Board's Representation By-law
Georgian Cliffs Memorial Park (Cemetery) Board
2 member of Council; 5 citizen members
North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit
1 member if selected from a designated group of municipalities
(McDougall, Archipelago, Carling, McKellar, Whitestone, Seguin, Town of Parry Sound)
Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce
1 member of Council
Parry Sound District Emergency Medical Services Committee
1 member of Council
Parry Sound Public Library Board
1 member of Council or a citizen representative
West Parry Sound District Museum
 1 member of Council

Often municipalities may set up temporary committees to address very specific projects, i.e. fund raising for a specific cause, trail planning, master plans for recreation and culture, etc.