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By-law Enforcement

Our By-law Enforcement Officials are responsible for the enforcement of by-laws passed by the Council of the Township of The Archipelago.  They also are engaged in educating residents and visitors about the by-laws and preferred conduct in our Township.  These core functions of our By-law Enforcement Officials aim to reduce by-law infractions and emergency incidents.  We share your goal in maintaining a strong, vibrant community and the enjoyment of your time within the Township.

Our by-law service is fairly passive in that we are usually responding to complaints and do not actively look for by-law infractions. Occasional patrols, especially in the summer months, are done primarily with the intent to engage our ratepayers.  Our officers also attend many Association's annual general meetings during the season.

Reporting a NON-MUNICIPAL complaint or concern:

For non-emergency OPP matters you have the ability to report through the OPP's online Self-Reporting Citizen System. Non-emergency calls can be made to 1-888-310-1122

In an emergency dial 9-1-1

For forest fire reports call 310-FIRE (3473).  These calls are managed by Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry's Fire Services Branch.

To report a natural resource violation (any illegal activity against Ontario’s natural resources) call 1-877-847-7667

Reporting a MUNICIPAL complaint or concern:

Your municipal-matter complaints are handled on an anonymous basis, we do ask for the name of the person calling in the complaint for subsequent follow up and may ask for your support if the infraction cannot be corrected and leads to court action.

Once a complaint is received the by-law officer will contact the party to validate the complaint. If the complaint has validity, a notice of infraction could be issued, a charge could be laid or the officer may ask the party to just take corrective action. Over 90% of our complaints are handled by resolution with the by-law officer and the cooperation of all parties avoids very costly fines and penalties that can be levied by the courts. 

Refer to our By-Law Enforcement Contact and FAQ document for insight to our responses.

If reporting a by-law issue during office hours, please contact the By-law Enforcement Department:

  • Phone : (705) 746-4243 ext. 325 
  • Email: 

Alternatively, use our online reporting tool "E-Service Request” to submit a concern or inquiry: