Georgian Cliffs Memorial Park Cemetery

138 South Shore Road, Pointe au Baril, Ontario
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Established 2000

Memory Lane, Pointe au Baril  ON

Georgian Cliffs Memorial Park Cemetery

Columbarium  -  Memorial Monument  -  Scattering Garden

Georgian Cliffs Memorial Park has been developed as a tribute to the deceased and worthy of the living in a natural and serene setting.

The scenery from this cliff is exceptional with a panoramic view of Georgian Bay, the tall pines, glorious sunsets and sunrises.

Making the choice you can live with about your final arrangements ahead of time, saves you money, spares family from uncertainty and guarantees that your personal wishes are observed.

We look forward to accommodating our permanent and seasonal residents, memorializing the deceased interred elsewhere, and accommodating our neighbouring communities.

For enquiries or to organize an interment, please contact:

Maryann Weaver
Township of The Archipelago
9 James Street
Parry Sound  ON  P2A 1T4
Tel:  (705)746-4243 ext. 301

The following information includes full details:



A columbarium is a structure designed for the purpose of interring cremated human remains in a sealed compartment. This compartment is known as a niche. Georgian Cliffs Memorial Park Cemetery has two, 40-niche columbariums that are constructed of mahogany granite with 20 niches on each side. Eastern and Western exposures are available. Each niche holds up to two urns of cremated remains. Niche dimensions are approx. 11 inches square. The lettering is one inch high Vermarco style, for maximum capacity, inscribed in the granite niche cover. White lettering, with a limit of 17 characters per line (including spaces) maximum six lines. All dates will be in this format only (1920-2005).

 Cost Per Niche 
 First Row (across) $1,495.00 (plus HST)
 Second & Third Row $1,395.00 (plus HST)
 Fourth Row $1,295.00 (plus HST)
The cost of each niche includes two openings and two closings at time of interment; the names and dates of the deceased inscribed on the niche cover; lettering as indicated above; and (compulsory) perpetual care.
Niches are inscribed with lettering two times per season - late June and late September.

Memorial Monument

Memorial Monument

The Memorial Monument has been incorporated in the park is an enduring remembrance to the community. This monument is in honour of your deceased loved ones. It allows their names to be etched in stone as a lasting memorial.

This is for the deceased who have had an out-of-town burial, or ashes scattered in our Scattering Garden, or released in other locations. It will be a continuity of regard and respect for all.

The Memorial Monument is top select light Barre grey granite from Barre, Vermont, USA and is smooth and unpolished. The base is stanstead grey granite and the lettering is one-inch black, deeply carved v-cut.


 Cost for Monument Lettering 
 2 - lines, max. 28 characters (including spaces) $400.00 (plus HST)
 Each additional character/space $10.00 (plus HST)
All dates will be in this format only:   (1920-2005)

Scattering Garden  

Georgian Cliffs Garden is a flowered area of ground for the release of non-retractable ashes.  

 Cost for Scattering Ashes 
 Scattering of Ashes $100.00 (plus HST)
 Scattering of Ashes with an inscription on the Memorial Monument $450.00 (plus HST)


Area Services Available

  • Florence Non-Denominational Protestant Church  
  • Pointe au Baril Community Centre
  • Additional information available from Committee members.  

Donations are much appreciated; receipts will be issued by the Township.