Contractors and Construction Materials

Pursuant to the Township’s Waste By-law, contractors may only take materials to the following sites:

  • Site 9
  • Crane Lake
  • Healey Lake
  • Woods Bay

Contractors are limited to disposing of the following items and will be charged tipping fees as per the Township's Waste By-law 12-19.

  Wood and Construction/Demolition Materials
- $20.00 per cubic yard

  (lumber, plywood, drywall, paneling, doors, siding, shingles, insulation, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures & wiring etc.)

  Furniture - $10.00 per unit

- $ 30.00 fee for removal of refrigerants, where applicable

  Chippable Wood/Brush - $ 15.00 per cubic yard

If you require additional information, please ask the site attendant or contact Lisa Voortman, Waste Lead Hand.

Video surveillance is in effect at all waste facilities. Anyone found contravening the Waste By-law will be subject to enforcement action.