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Lottery Licensing

What is a lottery?

A lottery scheme may be defined as any scheme which has the following three components: a prize, a chance (to win the prize); and a consideration or a fee.

Who may qualify for a lottery licence?

To be eligible for a lottery licence, an applicant must qualify as an eligible charitable organization or as a non-profit organization with charitable purposes or objects. Charitable refers to organizations which provide programs for:

  1.  The relief of poverty;
  2.  The advancement of education;
  3.  The advancement of religion;
  4.  Other charitable purposes beneficial to the community.
Organizations must have been in existence for at least one (1) year before being considered eligible for lottery licences.

The organization must have a place of business in Ontario and demonstrate that it is established to provide charitable services in Ontario and use proceeds for objects or purposes which benefit Ontario residents.

Licences may be issued for the following events:

  • bingo events with prize boards of up to $5,500
  • raffles with prizes of up to $50,000
  • break-open ticket events that are not conducted in conjunction with another licensed gaming event and where the tickets are sold within the municipality;
  • bazaar gaming events, and
  • media bingo events with prizes of up to $5,500


New organizations applying for a lottery licence must submit the following documents so that eligibility can be determined:
  1.  Copy of your by-law and constitution
  2.  Copy of your letters patent
  3.   Copy of your current year’s budget
  4.  Copy of your previous year’s financial statement
  5.  List of your Board of Directors
  6.  Charitable number for income tax purposes
  7.  Notification of Charitable Registration Letter for the Canada Revenue Agency
  8.  Detailed description of your activities
  9.  Copy of your annual report

Ineligible Organizations

Organizations ineligible for lottery licencing include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Professional associations, unions and employee groups, except those set up to carry out charitable activities;
  • Elected representative groups including municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments;
  • Government agencies or bodies;
  • Political lobby groups and those attempting to persuade the public to adopt a particular view on a political issue;
  • Advocacy, self-help and other groups solely dedicated to the political, personal and financial advancement of their members;
  • Political parties;
  • Adult hobby groups;
  • For-profit, members-only or private sports clubs and for-profit adult sports teams and leagues;
  • Those promoting a political doctrine;
  • Those attempting to bring about or oppose changes in the law or government policy;
  • Municipal councils, municipal corporations and their administrative departments; and
  • Organizations established solely for the purpose of fundraising

Reporting Requirements

It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a lottery report to the municipality following the event date.  Reports must be submitted within:
  • Raffle:  30 days after the event has ended
  • Bingo:  15 days after each event has ended
  • Break Open Ticket:  30 days after the event has ended
Future lottery licenses will not be issued if there are outstanding reports.

For additional information on lotteries and online application forms, please refer to the website for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).


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For further inquiries, please contact:
Christina Jennings, Lottery Licencing Officer
9 James Street
Parry Sound, Ontario  P2A 1T4
Tel: (705) 746-4243 Ext. 333
The Township of The Archipelago is bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).